"Computational Methods" Working Group

The "Computational Methods Working Group" is a working group by young scholars of the Department of Communication and Media Research, the Department of Political Science, the fög - Research Center for the Public Sphere and Societyat the University of Zurich and the Center for Security Studies at ETH Zurich.

The working group has two main goals: First, we want to foster the methodological education of social scientists in the field of computational social science. Second, we aim at bringing together scholars in the field to connect and collaborate.

Upcoming Events

23.11.2022: Workshop on Data Simulation with Monte Carlo Methods find out more

Past Events in 2021

As part of the 7th International Conference on Computational Social Science:

  • Networking Event: "People, Research Interests & Methods in CSS" (July, 13th, 05:30-07:00 pm, Link)
  • Panel Discussion: "A Career in CSS – Dream or Disillusion?" (July, 20th, 05:30-07:00 pm, Link)
  • Watch Parties during the IC2S2

Additionally, we hosted a panel discussion about teaching Computational Social Science:

  • Panel Discussion: "Teaching CSS - Where Do We Go from Here?" (September 7th, 4.00-05:30 pm, Link)

We also organized two methods workshops in 2021:

  • Method workshop on "Automated Image Analysis" (November 5th, Link)
  • Method workshop on "Natural Language Processing" (November 29th, Link)