Event: Young scholars in Computational Social Science

The workshop “Young Scholars in Computational Social Science” addresses young scholars, i.e., PhD students or those who successfully defended their PhD within the last three years, who apply computational methods to answer questions in social sciences. We aim to attract young scholars from different disciplines in social sciences, including but not limited to communication science, political science, or sociology. The workshop has two primary goals: 

(1) To discuss current and innovative studies in the field of computational social science to critically reflect and further develop ongoing research projects.

(2) To connect scholars in computational social science as a networking event.

Call for Participants and Projects (PDF, 184 KB)

When: 19.-20th of November, 2020

Where: Digital via (Zoom)

Important information: Given the current situation, we have decided to move the event online. If you would like to take part, please send as an email and we'll let you know how you may join.

Program of the Young Scholars in Computational Social Science event (PDF, 350 KB)