Past events

Between 2020 and 2021, the Computational Methods Working Group hosted several events. You'll find a short overview here:

Events hosted in 2021

Event Expert Date Link

Networking Event: People,

Research Interests & Methods in CSS

  July 2021 Link to CfP
Panel Discussion: Event: A Career in CSS - Dream or Disillusion?
  • Annie Waldherr
  • Kate Coronges
  • Pablo Barberá
  • Pedro Rodríguez
July 2021

Link to CfP

Link to recorded discussion

Panel discussion: Teaching Computational Social Science: Where Do We Go from Here

  • Emese Domahidi
  • Cornelius Puschmann 
  • Carsten Schwemmer
  • Stefanie Walter
September 2021

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Link to recorded discussion

Method workshop: Automated Image Analysis
  • Andreu Casas
November 2021 Link to CfP

Natural Language Processing Workshop

  • Felix Hamborg
November 2021 Link to CfP

Events hosted in 2020

Event Expert Date Link
Text Classification in Python
  • Anke Stoll (University of Düsseldorf)
October 2020 Link to CfP

Young Scholars in Computational Social Science

  • Ken Benoit (LSE)
  • Judith Möller (University of Amsterdam)
  • Sophie Mützel (University of Luzern) 
  • Christoph Stadtfeld (ETH)
November 2020 Link to CfP